Outdoor Blinds & Awnings


STC offer a wide range of outdoor blinds and awnings from;

  • Straight Drop Spring Operated AwningThis awning is spring loaded with an up and down control, and a easy pull down and hook design
  • Automatic Awning (Auto Lock Arm)Self-locking arms allow simple shade adjustment by hand or by a pull stick
  • Straight Drop, Multi Stop AwningSpring loaded operated awning is held in place by a simple twist of the bottom rail
  • Drop Arm, Crank Handle Awning Drop arm awnings operate by using concealed springs in the arms to extend the awning
  • Straight Drop, Crank Handle Awning Crank handle operated to allow you to manually operate this awning
  • Straight Drop, Side Channel Awning SideChannel Awning can be done via crank handle or full motorisation which is effective and easy to operate
  • Folding Arn Awning - Manufactured using world class technologies, standard arms or pitch control motorisation to suit large or small spaces
  • Cabrera XL Folding Arm Awning – Manufactured to withstand wind speed upto 49k/h. Convenient installation with brackets fitted at any point along the awning’s back
  • Sirocco and Viento Folding Arm Awnings – Stylish semi-cassette design for superior fabric protections and a sleek, stream-lined finish
  • Piccolo Folding Arm Awning -Entry level folding arm awning offering great value, suitable for smaller applications
  • Straight Drop, Wire Guide Awning Self-aligning system of the wire cables guide the awning up and down
  • Ziptrak, Straight Drop Awning Ziptrak track guided awning system provide superior installation. Ziptrak is the original and trusted track guided blind system